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animation & motion graphics plan:

different types of looks


the Archer Look

​The Archer cartoon series has a unique visual style that combines retro and modern elements, which can evoke different feelings in the audience depending on their individual experiences and perspectives. However, some common impressions that the Archer cartoon style may convey include:

  1. Satire: Archer uses its animation style to satirize and parody the political genre and its conventions, which can make viewers feel amused or entertained by its subversion of expectations.

  2. Edginess: The show's animation style often features bold colors, sharp lines, and exaggerated character designs, which can create a sense of edginess or rebelliousness that appeals to younger viewers or fans of alternative art styles.

  3. Irony: The show's animation style can create a sense of irony or juxtaposition between the classic spy genre and the show's contemporary humor and cultural references, which can be appreciated by viewers who enjoy postmodern art and culture.



Budget ($35,000 - $40,000): - As you see there are five different types of treatments we have put forth and we are pleased to provide you with a range of quotes to accommodate your specific animation style and budget requirements.

1. $35,000 - Archer Look

2. $35,000 - Editorial Look

3. $35,000 - Comic

4. $35,000 - Children's Book

5. $40,000- James May Look (Mixed Media)

Each of these animation styles have unique features and creative requirements, and we have priced accordingly.  We ensure that each style will provide you with the quality and creativity that our company is known for.

Please review the options and let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist further in any way to help select the animation style that best suits your project goals and budget.    

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