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animation & motion graphics plan:

different types of looks


the editorial Look

Graeme Mackay's artwork is known for its satirical and witty style, which can evoke a range of emotions in the viewer. Some common impressions that Graeme Mackay's artwork may convey include:

  1. Humor: Mackay's artwork often features clever and humorous visual puns and commentary on current events, which can create a sense of amusement and laughter in the viewer.

  2. Irony: Mackay's use of satire and irony in his artwork can create a sense of cynicism or skepticism in the viewer, prompting them to question social norms and institutions.

  3. Wit: Mackay's work often showcases his sharp wit and clever use of wordplay and symbolism, which can create a sense of appreciation for his artistic skill and creativity.

  4. Social commentary: Mackay's work often tackles serious issues and current events, including politics, the environment, and social justice, which can create a sense of contemplation and reflection in the viewer.

  5. Boldness: Mackay's artwork often features bold, eye-catching colors and designs, which can create a sense of confidence and assertiveness in the viewer.

Overall, Graeme Mackay's artwork has a distinctive style that is both satirical and witty, with a focus on social commentary and clever visual storytelling. His work can evoke a range of emotions, from amusement and appreciation to contemplation and skepticism, depending on the viewer's perspective and experiences.




the artist: graeme mackay

  • The Duncan MacPherson Award, 2nd place, 1996[6]

  • The United Nations/Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Awards, 2006[7]

  • The United Nations/Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Awards, 2013[8]

  • The George Townsend Award, (Finalist - English language category) 2014[9]

  • The George Townsend Award, 2018[10]

  • The George Townsend Award, 2020[11]

  • National Newspaper Award finalist, 2020[12]

  • National Newspaper Award finalist, 2021[13]

Graeme MacKay (born 23 September 1968) is the Hamilton Spectator's resident editorial cartoonist. Born in 1968, grew up in Dundas, Ontario. A graduate from Parkside High School in Dundas, Graeme attended the University of Ottawa majoring in History and Political Science. There he submitted cartoons to the student newspaper, The Fulcrum, and was elected as graphics editor by newspaper staff. Between 1989 and 1991 he illustrated and, along with writer Paul Nichols, co-wrote a weekly comic strip, entitled "Alas & Alack", a satire of current day public figures framed in a medieval setting.


Budget ($35,000 - $40,000): - As you see there are five different types of treatments we have put forth and we are pleased to provide you with a range of quotes to accommodate your specific animation style and budget requirements.

1. $35,000 - Archer Look

2. $35,000 - Editorial Look

3. $35,000 - Comic

4. $35,000 - Children's Book

5. $40,000- James May Look (Mixed Media)

Each of these animation styles have unique features and creative requirements, and we have priced accordingly.  We ensure that each style will provide you with the quality and creativity that our company is known for.

Please review the options and let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist further in any way to help select the animation style that best suits your project goals and budget.    

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