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When producing a series of videos that show product features and benefits, nothing provides as much flexibility as animation. As well as simple 2D animation, using a CG modelling program gives you the freedom to explore every aspect of the product. Including an almost infinite variety of angles, finishes and even details such as the internal structure and infographic overlays of how the product actually works. 


Well-designed motion graphics can help to build excitement and anticipation for a product. High-end CG animation can show your viewers what's going on or what a product looks like close up. We have a vast range of experience in delivering hundreds of product videos for our clients. From cars and laptops, to watches and industrial equipment, we have the skills and technical wizardry to bring these products to life.


CG animation is often the backbone of a high-end product video. We understand the complexities involved in producing work that is truly photo-real. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for accurate detail in the animation production process. Detail is of course vital in photoreal production. So, if your widget has 176 holes down the side, then your animation will have 176 holes too. You can see some of our CG animated product videos in our portfolio.

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