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World-class motion graphics production is at the very core of what we do here at Illworks Studios. With a strong emphasis on design and art direction, we ensure that every video we produce is beautiful to watch and meticulously detailed and adheres to whatever theme, style and vibe you are going after. After Effects & C4D are the base software we use.  We offer 2D and 3D animation for all of our motion graphic work.


We produce high-end logo animations and stings for some of the world’s largest brands. These are used as mnemonics to top and tail TV advertising or social content. They are often accompanied by distinctive sound design to add to their memorable nature.


Typography is very important to any message to come across well. It’s one of the core skills of a motion designer. Knowing which fonts work best for which purpose, as well as understanding layout, readability and dwell time. These are all essential for creating the perfect piece of kinetic typography. For maximum impact, animated type can be aligned with a voiceover, or simply to music. The result is a compelling and informative slice of dynamic motion design.


A very popular dynamic and stunning look that can be used in almost every type of visual from social videos, to music videos, to television and film and documentaries.  At Illworks Studios we offer top of the line results with this style of motion graphic.


Mainly for TV and film when telling a story often a show needs to let the viewer get there bearings.  Animated maps are are a great tool for letting the viewer know the setting of where in the world things are taking place. We can cater maps to match any theme and timeframe.  Our maps can be 3D or 2D, glossy or weathered, we can zoom n from space into a street view.  If you need a map to help your story we can give you all the detail you need to do so.


Every TV show, series, film starts with an opening whether it be a 5 second logo reveal to a 1-2 minute title sequence to get into and introduce the theme and feel of the film. At illworks Studios we love doing this.  We strive to create openings that people talk about but we can also be very simple since for some purposes less is more.

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