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Here at Illworks Studios we are always looking for new and upcoming design talent to be involved with vast array of projects that we work on.  For this contest you will have a chance. to have your work broadcasted on a major television network (CBC, CBS, Vice, History Channel etc...) . and/or streaming platform (Netflix, Paramount + etc...). Your name will be mentioned in the end credits of the film plus a cash prize of $200.

contest details

Your mission is to design the Main Title card logo for "The Reckoning". We won't give you any inspiration because we do not want to taint your ideas anything previously envisioned or what we have done. Below are some details about the show so you can understand what kind of show it is.

Submission Details:

Please email us:
1. Your design as an PNG and RGB colour format with a file aspect ratio of 3840x2160.
2. Your full name.
3. Country of residence
4. Social Media Handles (If applicable)
5. Website Link (If applicable)

the project subject matter

MacDonald. Ryerson. Victoria. Vancouver. For some they are among the great heroes and nation builders of Canada. But for a growing legion of others, they are imperialists, racists, and criminals.

Reckoning delves into a fascinating, high stakes, and nationwide battle being waged over our public memorials and statues. From Indigenous protestors tearing down a statue of Queen Victoria, to students threatening to walk out of schools named after McGill or Ryerson, to civic and business leaders spending millions to re-name streets, brands, and buildings, we are living through a momentous re-evaluation of our past.

Is it a long overdue reckoning… or an over-reaction? A rebalancing of the narrative to reach a more inclusive future… or an activist approach to history in the age of cancel culture.

please feel free to email us with any questions to

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