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animation & motion graphics plan:


In reviewing the materials for LOCALS WELCOME, we’re excited that the kind of food that everyone eats (us included) is getting the spotlight!  Thank you for the opportunity to pitch a graphic package for consideration in this exciting project.  We are grateful for the chance to help bring your vision to life.  


Our design concept revolves around visual themes of familiarity, authenticity, community & diversity.  Taking inspiration from mom & pop style restaurant graphics and simple designs that are in the “see/say” style, we present a concept that combines bright, bold graphics with a modern influence, clean and streamlined.  We’ve put together a Mood Board and Logo Title Treatment.  We’re also presenting a few ideas for map treatments, but we’ll work with your team to create custom maps for the series that are in-line with the design concept of bold colours and/or national flag colours.  

Our mood board below showcases the ideas and concepts that helped shape the direction of our core design strategy for this upcoming project.  It’s a visual representation of our research and inspiration, and it captures the essence of a sophisticated, yet simple style which was our main focus.  The mood board features a curated selection of color pallets, patterns, textures and images that embody the spirit of this vision and convey a modern and fresh feel.  

Mood board

Locals_Welcom_Mood_Board._V2 copy.jpg

Logo Title sequence

For the title sequence, we are inspired by the series, “Atlanta”, and it’s distinct and active show opening.  We’re proposing a minimalist approach to the title sequence using the show logo integrated into footage.  Rather than stopping the action, Locals Welcome will reveal itself at the end of a cold open and help bridge us into the first scene.   We feel this will capture the essence of simplicity, while maintaining the rhythm of the show.    




Depending on how the maps will be used in the show and where in the episode they’ll be placed, we’ll create a customized map template that’s in line with our mood board and logo title. Below, we’ve included two examples.  One is from, “Cash Cab”, that’s highly textural, 3D and urban. The other one we’re comparing it to is a sample from the show, “The Layover“.  The latter being more of a 2D style with a cleaner, simpler design. We can do either of these or any combination of both, and will work with the team to create a distinctive map treatment for the series.


thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to go through our look book presentation.  Through this process, we hope that some of our work paved a clearer path to your overall vision for this project.  Our goal is to create a design that communicates the themes of culture, authenticity and familiarity.  Themes that have become synonymous with the immigrant experience in a new world outside their traditional homeland.  We are excited at the opportunity to work with your team and committed to working together to create a captivating and impactful project.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.  We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and appreciate the chance to work with you.  


Jody Laraya

Executive Production Supervisor

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