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animation & motion graphics plan:


Thanks again for your consideration in this upcoming project.  It’s an interesting topic to take on and we are grateful for the chance to help bring your vision to life. We are excited to introduce our core design strategy, which is based on an evolved simplistic, lighthearted and charismatic design style.  Our team has meticulously combed through various trends to create a collection of stylistic looks for you to consider.  The new designs feature a captivating look showcasing our vision for this unique endeavour.

We realize the importance of staying true to the raw essence of the project while creating this approach.  Our team has carefully assembled each design to capture the light spirit of elevated simplicity while avoiding any outdated and unappealing elements.  We believe that this approach will lead us down the path to capturing the unique look that will distinguish your project amongst the myriad of documentary shows in the marketplace.

Our mood board below showcases the ideas and concepts that helped shape the direction of our core design strategy for this upcoming project.  It’s a visual representation of our research and inspiration, and it captures the essence of a refined and sophisticated light, simplistic style which was our main focus.  The mood board features a curated selection of color pallets, patterns, textures and images that embody the spirit of this vision and convey a modern and fresh feel.

Mood board


Logo Inspiration

Our logo ideas are an integral part of our core design strategy for your project.  We feel these inspirations capture the essence of this simplistic approach and provide a visual representation of our ideas for this project.  The logos feature bold, dynamic patterns and unique typography that reflect the roots of simplicity but with some personality.


bright fun 3D

Group 2 copy2.png



We propose using full-screen bold fonts as locators in the documentary to help viewers orient themselves. Our plan involves applying subtle composting techniques to seamlessly integrate the font with the footage, adding a touch of playfulness to this straightforward approach.  Or a full screen vintage postcard look if you want to keep it textured, kind of matches the type of car they are driving.

Graphics Interacting with Footage



For these examples, our collection of folders are comprised of excerpts from previous works and ideas that we’ve come across that are in line with the proposed vision.  We aim to feature a clean but textured, throwback visual style incorporating thematic and fun elements synonymous with journeying across country.


Photo Treatments (if needed)

For this section, we are excited to present our photo treatment examples.  These all come from previous projects we’ve worked on and demonstrate a broad stroke of our capabilities, from minimal to maximal design treatments.  These treatments vary in style and approach, showcasing the diverse range of techniques and styles that we are capable of.


thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to go through our look book presentation.  Through this process, we hope that some of our work paved a clearer path to your overall vision for this project.  Our goal is to create a design that exceeds your expectations and meets your requirements, and we are committed to working closely with you to achieve this.  We are excited to team up with you and build, not only a captivation vision, but an impactful project that reaches the masses.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.  We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts and appreciate the chance to work with you.



Jody Laraya

Executive Production Supervisor


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