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We create beautifully designed and well-crafted animated brand films. These are for multiple purposes such as demonstrating a product, explaining a new company initiative, or launching a new brand onto the market. Using motion graphicsCG animation or a combination of the two, we are able to bring your vision to life in a compelling brand video that will reflect your values and spread your message as a brand. 


One of the main ways your customers will see your brand film is on social media. We understand the complexities and myriad formats required to do justice to this broad and fractured media landscape. We can also work with you to develop spin-off pieces of brand content. These can be tailored to each platform and each audience, to ensure maximum reach and impact for your animated brand video. Whether a 10 second clip on Facebook, a YouTube preroll or a 30 second teaser on Twitter, we understand social.


As well as helping startups and corporate companies to tell compelling stories through animation, we also work with agencies and luxury brands to develop high-end global brand films. These often combine CG animation, footage and motion graphics with voiceover and music. The end result is a TV commercial standard of video production for some of the world’s largest brands. Ie company stories, timelines, re brands and launches.

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